You ever see a sad sack?

If you missed his performance on Meet the Press, you didn’t miss much. The governor of Minnesota whose mouth never stops running and who never misses a chance to assault a microphone or television camera, announced that Joe Biden’s political troubles are the fault of some systemic conspiracy. After all, Joe Biden is “one of the most highly-effective presidents we’ve ever seen.” Tell the people of Maui that after he told Hawaiians that he understood their pain and loss since once, long ago, lightning struck his own home and he “almost lost my wife, my ‘67 Corvette, and my cat” in that encounter! Look at the war in Ukraine he has embroiled us in! Consider the mess across Africa that has stirred a nest of turmoil or the continuing threats of war with Russia or China! 

But don’t stop there. Ordinary Americans know what has happened to our dollar when we go to the grocery store, or buy new tires for our cars. We can see the double standard of “justice” that swirls around Hunter Biden while January 6 protesters are hounded into solitary confinement and prison sentences.

Something ain’t right!

And yet, there was Minnesota’s sad sack governor blowing off about the Biden miracle. God, what a crumpled suit he is!

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