Woke Diversity

The recent St. Paul City Council election finally brought genuine woke diversity to the Minnesota city. It’s been a long time brewing, but the day finally arrived and St. Paul can finally grapple with problems like spiking crime reports, pothole ravaged streets, homeless vagrant camps around the city as only a united and diverse city can.  After all, St. Paul voters finally resolved the city’s number one problem–a lack of diversity in City Hall.

Want to take any bets on what happens?

Guess we can check back in a few months to see how the city council will have corrected the full range of equity and inclusion issues that remain such a priority in the Mississippi River city. While the council members draw up their agenda, would it be out of line to make some recommendations for their consideration?

  1. Convert all city streets to bike paths in the war to save the environment.
  2. Install solar panels on every home and commercial building in the city and then sell that electric bonanza to Wisconsin to pay for maintenance and upkeep of  St. Paul’s new bike paths.
  3. Without cars cluttering up city streets, there would be no need for tourist access to hotels and motels, so convert evey such establishment in the city into free housing for the homeless.  New York City has had such luck with that program. That ought to accellerate the recent but steady population decline in woke-wise St. Paul.

I know this may be overly ambitious, but somebody needs to point the way.

The face of Minnesota diversity in a snapshot taken by Rick Brudage.

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