Why aren’t you even a little curious?

Some nagging questions that don’t get asked!

About one third of Americans have refused to get the Covid-19 “vaccination.” Are they all loony tunes wrapped in a conspiracy bubble, or have they—just perhaps, you know—thought about the virus and concluded its safer to get natural immunity from the virus instead of temporary (forever requiring “booster) “vaccinations?

Even when you threaten them with the loss of their livelihood by forcing their employers to fire them, people refuse. Are you not even a little curious about why they are so adamant?

When doing officially mandated things over and over (getting the shots, wearing masks, standing six-and then three-feet apart) brings the same results, why aren’t you even a tiny bit curious why people distrust the “guidance” they are given?

When the bureaucrats can’t explain why the virus spikes and then almost magically retreats with no relationship to the number of people “vaccinated” or mask mandates being imposed, don’t you ever scratch your head in wonderment?

Don’t you wonder when it officially became fashionable to trust bureaucrats as though they are genuine “Science” Popes?

Doesn’t it worry you that children—who are admittedly at low-to-non-existent risk of danger from Covid-19—are being programmed to be vaccinated with a substance that has demonstrated its ineffectiveness to stop the spread of the virus among adults and has, actually, proven to have dangerous and sometimes lethal side effects?

Don’t you wonder why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a directive ordering Americans who work at businesses with over 100 employees, to be vaccinated or provide proof of Covid-free status as condition of their employment when thousands of illegal people crossing the southern border are not required to be vaccinated or provide proof of being Covid-19 free as a condition of their admission?

Why do simple and obvious questions like these escape so many and never get raised in the media?

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