When is “Hate” hate? Ms. Dwoskin?

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Today I came upon a note from Alex Berenson regarding a note Elizabeth Dwoskin with the Washington Post sent him. In it she asks for his response to an article she had written that would appear in the following day’s copy of the paper. In that article she referenced an outfit called the Center for Countering Digital Hate. Which got me to thinking, and so I sent the following note to the Post “journalist.” No response, as I expected, so I figured I would share it with others.


Ms. Dwoskin:

Do you ever wonder what “hate” is? When someone or some outfit self identifies as “anti-hate,” what are the guidelines for believing their claim? Can “anti-hate” be hateful? If so, where does “hate” stop and is some “hate” justified and honorable? Or do you just hate hate because it is hate? And if so, aren’t you a hater? Who will “fact check” you? If someone does, do they automatically, and by your definition, become a hater?
Oh, life can be so complicated, can’t it? Or is that just another “hate” thought?
Have a good day.
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