We’re NOT All In This Together!

Don’t you just love the platitudes spewing from so many?  One that galls me is the mantra: “We’re all in this together.” It follows closely on the heels of: Wear your mask and social distance–as though there is anything social about distancing!  You meet an old friend and then stand six feet apart to share your news, tell your sad stories, or remember old times?  If you do, wake me when you tell someone you love them because I want to know how you behave then.

We’re all in this together, so do as we are told! Above all, don’t think for yourself.  Just repeat the incantation because that’s sure to scare the virus away.

So the governor, attorney general and the head of the Minnesota Department of Health blab on and on about being “in this together.”  But have you ever wondered when your business is forced to shut down or when your employer lays you off just how the political class and bureaucratic class feel the pinch the way you do? Have their pay checks stopped?  Do they need to worry about where their next meal will come from or if they can make their car or house payment?  

NO! Not them. They get paid regardless while the rest of us scratch around for ways to keep on going.

In this together?  Maybe I might take them seriously if they, too, lost their jobs or their salaries or their benefits.  If they saw their dreams flushed down the toilet because some pompous ass politician was practicing virus voodoo.  No, they are watching from the sidelines while the rest of us feel the lash of their arrogance.

I bet that if they really were in this with us that the economic shutdowns ordered by the political wizards would have ended the week they began.

So, next time they prattle on about being right there beside us, just ask them to sign their pay check over to us.  Then, MAYBE they will learn what being in a sinking boat with the rest of the crew is really like.


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