Letterpress Wedding Invitations, Stationery, Business Cards

I offer a full range of personal and social stationery, including wedding invitations, stationery and business cards.

Wedding Invitations

There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t make every part of your wedding, including your wedding invitations, as distinctive as you are.  But even more, there’s also no reason to settle for ho-hum stationery or business cards when you can treat yourself to the distinctive feel and appearance that letterpress printing creates.


In a world increasingly dominated by electronic communication, hand-written notes and printed letters are becoming increasingly more important to set yourself apart from the ordinary.  And nothing helps do that better than letterpress-printed stationery.  Choose from a selection of fine papers and typography to craft your unique social and business stationery.

Business cards

Sure, some places offer to sell you a ton of business cards for pennies.  Generally, one has to conclude, that you get what you pay for: something flimsy and throw away, or something that will grab your customer’s attention and leave the message that you are real, you are qualified and that you are there to serve.  A business card is your silent messenger.  It’s your choice which image you want to leave behind.