Wake up, snowflake

During a lecture at the University of Albany, Candace Owens offered this advice to a student who asked: “What do you have to say to the trans students on this campus who feel actively victimized by your presence here?” Owens’s response: “Life’s tough. Get a helmet, man.”

Later, Owens elaborated  on the encounter: “If you are a 20-year-old adult who feels ‘actively victimized’ by my standing on stage to speak about social and economic conservatism, it is because your parents failed you, entirely. It is not my job to coddle adults.”

Michael McNeil joined in on the social media exchange that followed: “I worry about paying my bills, feeding my family and making sure I stay healthy so I can make it to work every day to support my family like most adults. Come to find out my problems pale in comparison to a child who is “actively victimized” by your presence. Shame on me.”

Finally, some are saying what should have been said long ago. Grow up! Get a real life! Become an adult!

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