Unintended outcomes

Things don’t happen in vacuums, much as so many seem to believe they will.

The recent racial discord following George Floyd’s death is a case to consider.  With all the riots and looting tied to calls for punishing police officers, it would be reasonable to anticipate police calls to trouble areas  in cities are going to be made reluctantly–if at all.  Don’t like that–too bad!  There are no social vacuums. It will be reality and the innocent people living in those areas increasingly will find themselves targets of thugs and violence.  Firefighters and other first responders will refuse to be additional targets.  Pandering politicians such as Governor Walz or Mayors Frey and Carter will only make matters more dangerous. During all their years in political control they have promised change and now pretend they hear the voices of people in “pain.”  

Believe them? They run the plantation and there is no political vacuum!

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