Thomas Paine was right


Never did I imagine our country would slide into such a pit of insanity as it wallows in today. Boys can be girls and women can be men; it’s necessary to shut Ukraine’s border with Russia, but we can’t do a damn thing to keep the invasion of foreigners from our boarders. We have enemies everywhere and endless wars against “terrorism,” but when we kill in the name of peace (or oil), somehow we aren’t terrorizing those our bombs hit. We use “science” to lock people indoors and we are assaulted by “vaccines” that don’t protect against diseases in the name of protecting us against diseases.

Ours is a fuzzy non-reality and we are commanded to shut up and accept things that make no sense. People’s gender is negotiable and thought-controllers who dictate an ever-changing phantom reality are virtuous. Black is beautiful and White is hateful. Abortion is a sacrament while centers that help women bring new life to our land are vandalized and burned. 

I have decided to tell the disciples of wokeism to go to hell.  I’m bone tired of the race hatred they thrive on. Their world is a charade and I refuse to live in their insane asylum.. I am encoruaged by the American revolutionary Thomas Paine to say “No More, Go Away.” He wrote: “if trouble must come, let it come in my time so that my children can live in peace.” 

My time has come. 

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