This video illustrates a deep sickness on American campuses


Explosive new video from Yale University

Today I saw a video of an exchange between a student and, I believe, a professor at Yale University.   The video is truly instructive about the state of “tolerance”, “inclusiveness”, and creating “safe places” for our ever tender students who infest many of America’s colleges and universities.  The young woman is in full compassion mode as she “discusses” an issue close to her emotional imbalance.  Just watch as she warms to her topic.  Shouting, finger pointing, threatening gestures all in the name of a collection of politically correct mantras.  Indeed, it is instructive and illustrative of the environment where the inmates are in control of the institution.  But lest we feel too sorry for this professor or for the legion of other professors who collect  non-99% salaries, realize that they are part of the disease.  They have made their beds, so now, perhaps, they can enjoy the nightmare they have created.

Anyone interested in watching this must-see video, can find it here:

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