Elva Cowdery

I typeset, printed and hand bound a small book of poetry for Elva Cowdery in 2013.   Her book, and the others I have printed on commission, have added a richness to my life that I will forever treasure.  Each commissioned book presented its own challenges and opportunities to explore the abilities of hot metal type and letterpress printing to capture the feel and character the author sought.

In April of 2013, Elva was kind enough to write the following:

“I just want to tell you what a warm and truly gratifying response there has been to my chapbook.

“People comment on the lovely paper, the design, and the quality printing as much as the poetry itself.  Several people have asked where I had it done and I’m happy to direct them to your website.

“Thank you again for the two beautiful hard cover copies of the book.  My son has one and my daughter has the other.

“This is overdue, but it’s my pleasure to send this inscribed copy of Possible Grace to you.

“With kindest regards,”

Elva Cowdery

I asked Elva if she would permit me to quote her note on my web page.  This was her reply:

“Your letter arrived this morning and it touched me deeply. I would be pleased and honored to have  you include my note on your web page.

“Since the publication of Possible Grace I’ve often recommended Superior Letterpress to those who admired the quality and elegance of the printing.  I also make a point of mentioning  how much I appreciated your patience, kindness, and personal attention to detail while working with a novice like myself!  You made the entire experience less daunting and more rewarding than I ever imagined it could be.

‘Your thoughts about time passing and the importance of accomplishing what is meaningful in our lives rings true and clear to me. I can empathize when you say that progress is slow and sometimes painful.  It reminds me that all of us need encouragement, and we never know when some thoughtful gesture on our part may be a source of support to someone else. I believe we are all vulnerable and uncertain to some degree, only the timing and circmstances differ.

“Thank  you, kindred spirit, for  your eloquent letter.  My regards to you and  your family and best of luck in all your future endeavors.”

Elva Cowdery

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