Following the science really worked! Remember when we were told:

To flatten the curve

A shortage of ventilators was killing thousands

Stay six-feet apart

Wear a mask

Wash your hands

Non-essential businesses must close

Get vaccinated and stay safe

Vaccines stop the virus spread

The fully vaccinated need boosters

Scary television news charts told how many had died from Covid

Mortuaries were being overrun

Though the virus posed little danger to children, schools were closed, suicide rates climbed and children suffered

There was no proof that the virus originated in a Chinese lab funded by American dollars

Lock downs saved lives

Churches closed and gyms were shuttered while liquor stores remained open

Covid variants ignored the vaccines

Big pharma was given legal immunity from injuries and deaths caused by vaccines

How did that “science” work out?

Vaccines didn’t actually stop the virus from spreading

Myocarditis deaths skyrocketed, especially among the young and healthy

Following the vaccinations, a world-wide epidemic of “unexplained” deaths puzzled officials

Ventilators were killing people

Sweden’s non lock down was more successful than lock downs

Masks made no difference

Six feet apart made no difference

Vaccine efficacy quickly faded

Fully vaccinated deaths outpaced those of the unvaccinated

Billions of dollars poured into Big Pharma

Hospitals were paid bonuses for declaring patients died “from” Covid

Covid death statistics amazingly launched off the charts

Firemen, policemen, teachers, doctors, nurses were fired for refusing Covid vaccine shots

Shortages of firemen, policemen, teachers, doctors and nurses plagued the country

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen were discharged for refusing Covid vaccines

Military recruitment dropped and quotas remained unmet

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. silenced social media “disinformation”

Disinformation become information

Epidemiologists changed their mind on treating the virus.

Ventilator use was determined to be deadly for treating Covid patients

Authorities admit “social distancing” makes no difference

Well, we really messed up, but we did learn just how gullible people can be.

Congratulations, America, you were scammed!


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