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Rudolf Rocker's masterpiece of political history
Rudolf Rocker’s Nationalism and Culture offers unmatched insights into the origin, development and influence that the State has had on human culture and freedom

Back in 1978 when I republished Rudolf Rocker’s magnificent Nationalism and Culture, I felt that a most useful addition to the 1947 edition would be a comprehensive bibliography to help readers locate other publications Mr. Rocker had written or contributed to during his writing career.  So, I began researching such a bibliography and after many months of piecing together information from a variety of sources, I was able to make it an integral part of the new edition.  This bibliography drew upon a similar bibliography in Mr. Rocker’s memoirs to which was added a catalog of books, magazines and pamphlets held in libraries across the United States and from Holland and Switzerland.  I also drew upon letters written by people familiar with Mr. Rocker to flesh out this research tool.

Obviously, it was apparent that with all the books Mr. Rocker had written together with hundreds of magazines and pamphlets  that contained items written by Mr. Rocker, many of which had been reprinted in different languages all around the world, it would be next to impossible to catalog every published book or article he had ever written.   But still, I believed a bibliography, as complete as I could make it, would be a helpful contribution to the new book.

The bibliography is divided into four sections running 19 pages.  The first section lists works written by Mr. Rocker.  The second includes works of other authors to which Mr. Rocker contributed by writing a preface or epilogue.  Section three lists items Mr. Rocker translated.  The final section lists works about Mr. Rocker or his writings.  The bibliography is coded to reference the libraries which had Rocker-related publications as part of their collections.

All in all, the bibliography is a great starting point for anyone serious about learning more about Mr. Rocker and his publications.

For more about the 1978 edition of Nationalism and Culture  click on the link.

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