Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides, hidden treasures

"Gray Weather" broadside

“Gray Weather” poem by Robinson Jeffers

"Pearl Harbor" by Robinson Jeffers

“Pearl Harbor,” Letterpress-printed poem by Robinson Jeffers

Two additional Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides

Here are two more Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides, both of which were printed by Marlan Beilke at his Quintessence Working Press-Room Museum in Amador City, California.  In a pair of other posts (and here) I listed some of the other Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides that I have discovered recently.  In some cases there are but one or two of these fine broadsides left, so if interested, don’t delay.  Each of these sell for $45, postage in U.S. included in the price.  I have a few more Jeffers’s treasures, but tonight only have time to list these two.  Check back later for more Jeffers’s news.

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