Jo Labadie and His Little Books: a review

Joseph Labadie's little books

Joseph Labadie’s famous little pamplets featured in this collection, which was letterpress printed and hard bound in a quality edition.

I have long been fascinated by Joseph Labadie and his publishing saga.  As a tribute to the man and to his work, I compiled a collection of stories and poems from his many little books and published them  as a book I titled Jo Labadie And His Little Books.  In keeping with the tradition established by Joseph Labadie, I typeset the books with hot metal type and printed it on my platen letter press and hand bound it in a limited hard cover edition in my little shop.

The curator of the Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor has written a wonderful blog about this limited-edition book containing many of the articles and poems written by the great Detroit anarchist.  Check it out here:

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