Resurrecting Joseph Labadie

After nearly a century of being out of print, many of the poems and articles published by Joseph Labadie at his small,

Joseph Labadie's little books

Joseph Labadie’s famous little pamplets featured in this collection, which was letterpress printed and hard bound in a quality edition.

rural workshop in Michigan have been resurrected in a new book I published some months back, Joseph Labadie and His Little Books.   Joseph Labadie was a prolific writer and printer who published from his woodland retreat outside Detroit.  There, he and his family ran a number of small, handcraft enterprises during their weekend and summer retreats. Mr. Labadie was well known around Detroit as the Gentle Anarchist.  He shared the political philosophy of Lysander Spooner, Benjamin R. Tucker and many other native American Anarchists and was outspoken in his defense of the little guy.  If you would like to read more

the dandelion cover photo

the dandelion anarchist magazine

about this book, you can find it here in a blog I wrote a few months back.  I typeset this book on my hot metal Linotype machine and printed it letterpress on my platen presses.  It was hand bound in my shop.  The book offers an interesting insight into Mr. Labadie’s thought and into American Anarchist ideas.


For those interested, also check out a copy of the dandelion, a small, occasional Anarchist magazine I publish.  The March 2000 issue of this magazine is devoted to Joseph Labadie.  In addition to some other material, this issue of the magazine contains an article by Mr. Labadie’s granddaughter and a reprint of his famous “American Anarchism: What It Is & What It Is Not.” There is information about the magazine issue here.


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