Rare Linotype broadsides discovered

I have discovered a pair of rare broadsides celebrating the eighth-wonder-of-the-world, the Linotype.  These were Linotype Open Housedesigned, typeset and printed by Marlan Beilke, otherwise known as Linomarl. I Am The Linotype Marlan printed these broadsides during the years he operated his print shop/museum in Amador City, California.  He later moved to Wisconsin.  When he closed his California hot metal heaven and sold the machines, mats and all related equipment, he saved a select number of items from the vast collection he had printed over the decades.  I recently became aware of these broadsides and he has agreed to offer them for sale.  Note, there are only a couple copies of  the “Linotype: 100th Anniversary” broadside and fewer than ten of “I am The Linotype.”  Both broadsides make wonderful wall hangings to decorate any hot metal shop.  Note, these are all that remain, so if you want one, hurry

I asked Marlan to describe his broadsides and he agreed to do so.

Linotype: 100 the Anniversary broadside.  Yellow stock; multi-colored; decorative border; various letter-press type faces; illustrated; July, 1986, Amador City, California, Quintessence Working Press-Room Museum; printed by Linomarl.  Suitable for framing!  $35, shipping included.


I Am The LinotypeA Letter-press-printed paeon to the Linotype by Linomarl.  Multi-color.  Celebrates the significance of the Linotype to literacy, history, and culture.  First edition broadside.  Signed by Linomarl.  Illustrated with a Linotype machine.  $28, shipping included.

Until later . . .

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