What Did I Have To Lose? (a tribute to Don Gackle)


Back in 1972 a stranger walked into my life and changed it forever after.

That man was Don Gackle, publisher of the McLean County Independent in Garrison, North Dakota.  He took a chance on me when he hired me to be a reporter for his country weekly newspaper.  I had just been fired from a Hastings, Minnesota newspaper and came with a miserable recommendation from that paper’s publisher.

For the next few years Don would help shape my life, my writing and my editing.  For the chance he gave me, I owe much of what followed in the years to come.  This pamphlet is a tribute to Mr. Gackle–the finest boss I ever had.

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Set in 12 point Fairfield on my Model 31 Linotype, printed on my Kluge press and hand bound at my Oak Grove, Minnesota shop.



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