Tom-a story of transformation and redemption


A layman’s philosopher

My uncle Tom brought an uncommon presence to those who were fortunate to know him.  He was humble yet a great teacher. This tribute to Tom includes a fairy tale I wrote on his advice that fathers should write such stories for their children.  Tom was a remarkable man who grew up during the difficult depression years, was drafted into the Army during World War II and slugged his way through Italy in a campaign that eventually saw him trapped at Anzio in a three-month stalemated battle with German forces.  Despite these life events, or perhaps because of them, Tom maintained a love for life and a distinct connection with children and underprivileged individuals.  The original fairy tale I wrote while working in Lithuania.  My memories of Tom inspired the story and serve as the basis for this story.


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by Michael Coughlin
17 pages

 I letterpress printed only 80 copies of this book on Biblio paper and have hand bound it in my shop.  A few copies remain.
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