This Old Linotype


An Iowa short course on how to repair, maintain and operate the Linotype

For a week in late fall of 2003 that I spent a week in Denmark, Iowa at a course designed to teach people how to repair, maintain and operate that wonderful old typesetting machine, the Linotype.  The course was offered by Larry Raid and Bud Lang.  For hours on end the students swarmed over the machines trying to get acquainted with its thousands of parts and digest the marvelous mechanism’s many secrets.  We also enjoyed dinners together in neighboring cities as the days wound to a close.  Oh yes, one other thing.  In addition to Larry’s huge collection of Linotype machines and his Ludlow/Heidelberg print shop, he also has his own train.  I got to sleep in the caboose each night and discovered it didn’t offer much for insulation, but it was grand.  Then on the final day Larry fired up the engine and anyone who wanted could take the train for a ride.  It was great fun and a memorable experience.  This pamphlet is a recollection of those grand days.

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