The Train


When did man’s search for truth begin?  When did it end?

As Marlan Beilke writes in The Train, it all started ages ago in Africa and traveled since then on a wandering path across the globe.  There have been occasional glimpses of the truth, times when humankind stepped away from the darkness of religion to spy a distant light, a lantern calling people to pursue it, but always religion and its purveyors have pulled the curtain of darkness back over that light.  Writes Beilke: “Now we see the end of this Christian business.  They were never the real light bringers in the first place. The church jailed Galileo, hated Darwin.”

Beilke writes with a passion that governed his life during his years in California, where he ran  Quintessence Printing Museum, a first-rate letterpress museum and print shop in Amador City, California.  It continues unabated from his new home in the north woods of Wisconsin.  Love him or hate him, he gets people to think, and what more can one ask for from an author?

In addition to this new pamphlet by Beilke, I also have a number of original broadsides Beilke published in California. You can read more about them at:



By Marlan Beilke


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