The Remembrance by Robinson Jeffers


This letterpress-crafted, two-color broadside of Robinson Jeffers was done into type and print by Linomarl Marlan Beilke at his Quintessence Printing Museum in 1991 in Amador City, California.  In all likelihood, it is dedicated to Edith Greenan Kuster.  It is one of a handful of Jeffers’s broadsides created by Beilke that are still available.  In many cases, there is a single copy of the broadsides. These broadsides are suitable for framing.  When they are gone, as the saying goes, they are gone.

Marlan Beilke, as recorded in  HIS PLACE FOR STORY: ROBINSON JEFFERS: A DESCRIPTIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY by Michael Broomfield, published more Jeffers’ pieces than any other publisher.  

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