The Medical Miracle Workers


Michael Coughlin
$6 plus 

Socialism’s medical voodoo: forget curing diseases, just promise quick bureaucratic fixes

The medical miracle workers of today are no longer the great scientists and doctors who discover cures for diseases. They are the savants who announce they have found a way to make socialized medicine work for the first time in history.  This booklet offers a warning that the hucksters of modern medical reform are abroad in the land, offering their patent medicine solutions to America’s ailing medical care system.

Government rationing and bureaucratic mismanagement are not humane solutions to a medical industry in decay

The answer to America’s “crisis” in medical care will not be found in their quick-fix solutions, but must rely on there being a genuine open market in medical care, one that allows patients and doctors to secure and pay for only the care they need and at prices that are reached by voluntary agreements between the parties involved.  Government has so distorted the entire medical care industry that it has driven up the costs to a point where affording medical care is a challenge for many Americans.  Turning to government rationing and bureaucratic mismanagement is no humane solution.
The Medical Miracle Workers was hot metal typeset on a Linotype and letterpress printed.
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