the dandelion, issue #1


Issue #1 table of contents:

Page one, etc.: a standing section of the magazine devoted to short items on various topics.

Property–A debate.  A question of property, two opinions.  This first of a two-part series was written by Carl Watner and takes an in-depth look at libertarian thought during the 19th century relating to property ownership derived from copyright laws and the claim some make to property rights in land and children.  The article focuses on the dispute two prominent libertarian thinkers had concerning the validity of property rights and the extent of property rights in these three areas.”

Towards a Proprietary Theory of Justice. A notice of a 47-page booklet published by Carl Watner with a listing of the book’s table of contents

 Honor Thy Police by Michael Coughlin.  The author calls for establishing a select society of policemen who have “proven to his co-workers and to the public at large that he was willing and able to abandon all common sense for the singular thrill of participating in a high-speed auto chase, thereby exposing an innocent and unsuspecting public to grave danger of death or serious injury.”

A night with Chodorov. Notice of an audio-forum tape recorded lecture by Frank Chodorov.

good grief. A critical look at Congress’ automatic pay increases

Who needs a library?  A call for forming a libertarian subscription library

Library meeting



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