So You Want To Be A Horse Shoer


Cowboying in 20th Century America

Little did Pat Coughlin dream when he moved to western South Dakota that his life would turn into an adventure with horses, first as a ranch hand and later as a ferrier.  It proved to be a difficult existence, getting stomped by horses, bitten by horses, kicked by horses and damn near killed in a pen with a horse, but through it all, he lived to write the story of his life with the animals he came to love and respect.

New paperback edition

New paperback edition

So You Want To Be A Horse Shoer  was initially published in a hard cover, limited-edition, but subsequently,because of demand, was reissued in a paperback edition.  While the hardcover edition quickly sold out, the paperback book is still available.  Pat, who has since retired from working with horses, spent over a decade running an apple orchard and working as a substitute school teacher in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  He especially enjoyed working with young children, particularly ones who were handicapped.


For more about this cowboy’s story, check out the article I wrote after the new paperback edition was published.  This is a wonderful book, celebrating a life style that soon will be only stories in books.




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