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From Blog to Book: Making Ideas Permanent

What happens to internet blog posts? Who knows!

What is certain, however, is that the past few years have demonstrated that internet communication is something that is easy to control and to destroy. If the internet guardians deem that my stuff is disinformation or misinformation, they can make my work vanish in an instant.

This uncomfortable reality prompteed me to dig into my website and copy some of the posts I have made over the years and put them into a printed book.  Print is just more permanent, more real.  Besides, a printed book just more enjoyable to hold and beats spending time glaring into a computer screen.  An added benefit to a real book is that some tech whiz who has decided my ideas need to be censored won’t be able to blip me into the ether. Anyone who wants to destroy my book, will have to hunt down everyone who has a copy. Good luck with that.

Most of the blogs run only about a page, though some have pushed into three pages. In any case, each is a short take on its subject. A quick read with what I hope are ideas that can trigger different ways to look at life.

I encourage those of you who have blog  posts to consider incorporating them into a book. I think you’ll be glad you did. 

Shipping for the book is free inside the United States.


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