Old MacDonald has no farm . . . ee-i-anymore


The brutality of factory farming exposed in this book for children

Old MacDonald has no farm . . . ee-i-anymore is a story that explains to children the ways animals are misused on factory farms.  Much of today’s “agri-business” is hidden behind curtains of ignorance, curtains that are designed to disguise the horrors associated with factory farming.

The more people understand how animals are treated in these dungeons of misery, how they are abused and forced to live, if their lives can be called living, the greater the possibility that farming practices might once again exhibit a respect for animals.  One place to start the education process is with children, and that is what Kathy Coughlin has done with Old MacDonald has no farm . . . ee-i-anymore.  The book, which is beautifully illustrated by Robert Holton, a Bayfield, Wisconsin artist, focuses on the ways animals are subjected to mistreatment throughout the factory-farming industry.  As Kathy Coughlin asks at the close of the book, “Old MacDonald, where are you?   Your animals are callin’!

Please come back, Old MacDonald!

Old MacDonald will return to the farm when we decide that humane treatment of animals is a value in our lives.  Perhaps this book can be a small step in helping people to understand how we all can be part of the solution.






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