Ode to Ehlers


Cornucopia, Wisconsin’s general store

The old general store in Cornucopia, Wisconsin has served the village since the first years after the loggers and fishermen showed up to claim the natural resources of this land.  In time it became a landmark for locals and for the increasing number of summer residents and tourists who found their way to this village on the south shore of Lake Superior.

An ode to the Ehlers family

Over those years, the same family, the Ehlers, owned and operated the store during the flush homesteading years, through the war years and into the 21st century, when it was finally bought by another owner.  The store was a true general store, carrying food, beverages, and an extensive line of hardware, all under a single roof.  The store also served as a training ground for generations of youngsters who found work with Ehlers Store during the summer months.

With the village centennial approaching, Kathy Coughlin was inspired to write this ode to the family and to the store, which has been the heart of Cornucopia and the south shore for decades.  The broadside has been available at the store and now is available on line.

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