Nationalism and Culture


This is the complete, unabridged edition of Nationalism and Culture by Rudolf Rocker: hard cover, fine binding with full bibliography added by publisher, $25.75. Shipping included in price. This is NOT a used book, though it is priced like one.

I discovered Nationalism and Culture in the 1960s during the Vietnam War.  My first reaction to it was anger.  I didn’t like what Rudolf Rocker wrote.  He was wrong, dead wrong. But for some reason I kept reading and by the time I finished Chapter Three I had a new perspective on life. With the precision of a fine surgeon, Rocker dissects the State in all its manifestations and shows how and why, throughout the course of history, the State has been the principal enemy of human social life and cultural development. Nationalism and Culture had been out of print since 1947 when I republished it in 1978.  I added an extensive bibliography to the earlier Rocker Publications Committee book.  The bibliography lists resources holding significant collections of material by and about Rudolf Rocker. At the time I republished the expanded book,  both Nationalism and Culture and its author had been consigned to obscurity. Little did I know at the time, but the republishing of this book began a renewed interest in Rudolf Rocker and his many contributions to libertarian history and thought.

When I published it, I committed to subsidizing its sale because the book meant so much to me.  You won’t find a finer edition anywhere and you certainly won’t find one anywhere near this price. The book is a tribute to those who sacrificed so much to make Rocker’s work available.  As part of that tribute, Nationalism and Culture is available from us for $25.75, shipping included. The only other new hard cover  edition of Natinalism and Culture costs over twice as much (check it out at Amazon).  You’ll be glad you compared.  

The great libertarian editor and writer Roy Childs said of Nationalism and Culture:

You will love this book. It’s one of the most important books written about political philosophy in the 20th Century. Far too few people, too few libertarians in particular, know it.

Byron Fraser wrote an extensive review of Nationalism And Culture which you can find here

For an interesting companion book which provides an intimate account of Rocker’s life in England during World War I, see another book I have published, written by his son, Fermin, titled 33 Dunstan Houses.  I completed a trifecta of Rocker books in late 2015 when I republished Rudolf Rocker’s The Six.  Inquire about special pricing when ordering all three books.  

To read to another insightful review of Nationalism and Culture, this by Jeff  Riggenbach,  check out this Mises Daily article.  Back in 1980 Merritt Clifton did a review of the book in The Book Mart newspaper.  This Clifton review was one of the earliest done of the book after I published it.  

One of the items I added to the original edition of Nationalism and Culture was an extensive bibliography listing the books, articles and pamphlets written by and about Rudolf Rocker and a listing of where these publications could be located in libraries in the United States and in Europe.  There’s more about this valuable research tool at  Rudolf Rocker Bibliography Available


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This is a complete unabridged edition of Rudolf Rocker’s masterpiece. This deluxe edition is a tribute to a man who had such a profound influence on my life.

Nationalism and Culture by Rudolf Rocker

Deluxe edition of Nationalism and Culture by Rudolf Rocker


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