Lucius and His Collection of Unusual Things


Challenging youngsters to follow their dreams

Lucius and His Collection of Unusual Things is a delightful tale of a man whose life is devoted to collecting “things.”  His house is filled with an assortment of items, some strange, some unusual, some fanciful.  Robert Holton, a renowned Bayfield, Wisconsin artist, brought Lucius and His Collection of Unusual Things to life with his illustrations which capture in four-color brilliance Lucius’ amazing world.

Besides being a whimsical tale of a man and his passion for collecting, this book is, at heart, a challenge to youngsters to pursue their dreams, to follow their passions wherever they may lead. It encourages children to look inside to discover what it is that transforms existence into living.

Since publication in 2005, Lucius and His Collection of Unusual Things has enjoyed growing interest from readers across the United States and has, in fact, become our best selling children’s book. To celebrate, we have reduced the price to make the it more affordable than ever! There is no reason every youngster in the land cannot experience the magic of this wonderful book.

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When Lucius and His Collection of Unusual Things was published, the Ashland Daily Press of Ashland, Wisconsin wrote about the collaboration between Kathy Coughlin and Robert Holton in producing this book.


Kathy’s other books include: Feeding the Boa, Carrot Seeds and Old MacDonald Has No Farm. . . ee-i Anymore

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