Life Isn’t Fair


Life Isn’t Fair

by Michael Coughlin

On occasion life blesses us with unusual opportunities., chances to do things or to meet people who  enormously enrich our lives.  One of those people was a guy I met when we attended a “Newspaper Skills” course sponsored by the Minnesota Newspaper Association.  That was over 40 years ago and in the intervening years we became buddies.  We went winter camping, we shared a love for old cars, and we enjoyed out talks.  Dave Lubker and I walked many steps together until a few months back when he lost his fight with Fabry’s Disease.   Despite his life-long struggle with that rare disease, Dave maintained an amazing balance in his outlook on his situation.  Armed with his broad smile and vigorous handshake, Dave always  let you know he was glad you stopped to visit.  This is a story of our friendship, a story of our journey together and a story of his moving onto his next adventure..



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