Life in the Back Shop



By Robert MacGregor Shaw

186 pages
Offset printed


Finally, a book about letterpress printers in small shops and what they experienced on the job. It’s about their hopes, fears, frustrations, satisfactions, and pride in their work. As the author noted: “These are the people who, from the arrival of linecasting machines to the coming of offset printing and computerized typesetting in the mid-60s, did the difficult, dirty and often dangerous work of printing weekly newspapers.” Robert MacGregor Shaw’s story fills a distinct gap in American journalism.  For those interested in learning how this book came into print, see my pamphlet The Strange Twists of Life.  A more recent pamphlet I wrote for the American Amateur Press Association, I Had Caught The Printing Disease, also discusses this book as part of my publishing efforts.  Other related pamphlets are: This Old Linotype and What Did I Have To Lose.

Life In The Back Shop has been among my best sellers and is now in its second printing.  Even at that, most of the second printing has been sold, so if you want a copy, don’t delay in ordering one.




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