Liberty 1881-1908: A Comprehensive Index


Defending Individualist Anarchism

Benjamin R. Tucker published Liberty, an American individualist anarchist newspaper, for 27 years and during its life it included among its authors a host of the most prominent individualist thinkers of the era. From Benjamin R. Tucker to Lysander Spooner, Peter Kropotkin, John B. Robinson, Stephen Byington, Wordsworth Donisthorpe, William Greene, Dyer D. Lum and a host of other luminaries of the movement.

Tucker’s newspaper is a treasure trove of American individualist thought, but sifting through 27 years of the publication was a daunting task until Wendy McElroy compiled her magnificent Index to the newspaper.  For anyone interested in researching Liberty, this Index is the key to unlocking  the treasures to be discovered in the newspaper.  The book is divided into three convenient sections: Titles and Periodicals, Individuals, and Subjects. This monumental index is among the crowning contributions of Ms. McElroy to anarchist research.

Limited number of microfiche copies of Liberty are available

For those who don’t have access to the collection of Liberty newspapers, which were reprinted years ago in  seven volumes by Greenwood Reprints, I have a limited number of  sets of the complete microfiche edition of Liberty,  which was published in Australia.



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