Joseph Ishill issue # 20 of the dandelion magazine


Joseph Ishill was among an exclusive group of premier small press publishers working in the early 20th Century in the United States.  His books, and pamphlets were masterpieces of design, typography and printing.  He issued them in limited numbers and, consequently, they have become much sought after by collectors.  This issue of the dandelion magazine is devoted to remembering Mr. Ishill and his works.  Included are reprints of some of his publications.

Mr. Ishill ran his small press from his New Jersey home, working there in the evenings and weekends after having spent his work day at his New  York City print job.  He was hampered throughout his career by limited income, limited available time and sometimes inferior equipment.  Despite overwhelming odds, he mastered his craft and published marvelous books and pamphlets, all a labor of love and dedication to the people and ideals he treasured.

Other works by or about Joseph Ishill that I have published include a pamphlet on Mr. Ishill’s book on Peter Kropotkin  and an Ishill broadside  “I Have Remained A Poor Devil. 



Ignored, but not forgotten.  This printer and publisher left us an unsurpassed legacy of anarchist literature.


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