It’s Their Religion


For far too long the Politically Correct thugs have had their way.  From changing how we record our calendars to the unbearable weight of a deadening mob at America’s universities, the siren song of “equality” and “diversity,” have become a holy mantra recited to silence disbelievers.  I argue in this pamphlet that ” ‘diversity’ has become a mantra of hypocrites.”  I note, further, that “diversity” is a one-way street, concluding: “They say their schools need Blacks, Muslims, women, gays and other favorites of the PC hierarchy to be part of the mix.  It’s no mix.  It’s just their religion.”

This pamphlet is not popular among certain crowds, but it is a welcome antidote to the mindlessness that has gripped many in our country.  It’s Their Religion was hot metal typeset and printed letterpress and hand sewn.



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