Is Today A Good Day To Die




Is Today A Good Day To Die

By Michael Coughlin


There may not be a right day to die, but there could be a good one

There may never be a right day to die, but if we live our lives as our consciences and interests direct us, if our values are rooted deep in our souls and we have the courage to follow our own paths, then when that day comes, we may find it is a good one to explore yet another experience on the road life offers us.  This pamphlet was originally an article to the St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s student newspaper, The Rubicon, written near the close of the school year and the coming graduation exercises.  I re-discovered the letter years later and decided to make it into the pamphlet Is Today A Good Day To Die.   Many people have given me insights into life, most of them never realizing they were doing so. Just small lessons, kindnesses offered, a helping hand reached out let me discover truths about living I never found in books.  I hope the pamphlet will encourage you to look at your own life, discover the things that really matter–so that when each of our days come to die, we will recognize them as good ones.

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