I Have Remained A Poor Devil–Joseph Ishill


This letterpress-printed broadside is a tribute to Joseph Ishill and his Oriole Press.   This great individualist, independent printer and publisher ran his Oriole Press from his New Jersey home, printing a magnificent array of books and pamphlets during his spare time.  He created his works as limited editions and gave many of them away to friends and acquaintances.  His books and pamphlets have since become prized collector items and Mr. Ishill himself has come to be recognized as one of America’s truly great independent printer-publishers.  He set a standard for book design and production that few have matched or surpassed. This broadside reflects on Mr. Ishill’s insight into the temptations he rejected to remain master of his enterprise.  It was typeset on a Linotype and printed letterpress in two colors. Other items related to Mr. Ishill which are available include Joseph Ishill issue of the dandelion magazine and Joseph Ishill pamphlet on Peter Kropotkin.

Shipping included in price.


Typesetting done on a Model 31 Linotype and a Ludlow type caster.  Letterpress printed both on 600 gsm and 300 gsm weight Copperplate paper.  Illustration printed from photopolymer plate.


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