Hunger In America


Hunger In America
By Michael Coughlin
18 pages

Fat people prove there is hunger in America!

America is a land beset by hunger, cries a lusty crowd of people whose “charities” and stand to benefit from the notion.  But their statistics as well as their arguments pose more than a few problems when one attempts to digest their propaganda.  Things just aren’t as they say they are. Hunger in America is one man’s look at the role played by the “hunger industry” to justify its multi-billion dollar enterprise which supports some people in high fashion.

Food Insecurity

Take a look at just one of the notions passed off as fact.  “Hunger insecurity” causes poor people to slow down or stop eating toward the end of the month until their food allotment is refurbished by taxpayers, and then those poor people go on an eating binge.  This starve and binge cycle is among the chief causes of obesity in America, the food charlatans profess.

As a wag once told me, “There weren’t any fat people in the concentration camps.”  No food, no fat: seems like a simple, understandable formula, way less complicated than obesity triggered by hunger.  But this is modern logic pawned off as food science in modern America.

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