By Michael Coughlin
8 pages

White guilt, Black reparations

There is “an American saga of grabology” abroad in the land that has become popular in select circles.  It is the notion that White people owe Black people reparations because years ago slavery was practiced in the United States.   Let’s admit that slavery was practiced in this country.  Let’s acknowledge that some Black people suffered at the hands of their slave owners.  Where does that get us?   What does that have to do with picking the pockets of today’s White people to pay for long-ago crimes?

Slavery is built on plunder, not race

Slavery has been a global problem for centuries–and continues to be practiced in select areas despite our advanced notions that people have a right to their own lives and the fruits of their labor.  But the Black reparations movement aims to reinvent White slavery in the United States as punishment for slavery that was practiced both by Whites and Blacks in the early years of the country.  Mind you, White people who have never owned a slave or even wanted to own a slave are to be plundered for the benefit of Black people who have never been slaves.  It’s a curious notion that gets real confusing and a little more than suspicious when you look at it closely because, if studied reasonably and using the same logic afoot today, Blacks themselves owe reparations and White people are due reparations.

This pamphlet takes an honest and hard look at the Black reparations theory, doing so with a spice of humor.

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