Coughlin Case Gauge



  The Coughlin Case Gauge


This entirely new bookbinding case gauge is perfect for the small- to medium-size bookbindery that is looking for an economical way to increase efficiency without needing to expand your shop footprint to do so. The case gauge requires only about four square feet of counter space when being used and is light enough to easily store out of the way when not in use. Its ergonomic design allows you to make hardcover cases with ease and with a minimum amount of hand motion. The case gauge is a snap to set up ajnd within minutes you will be churning out book cases.

There are different adjustments that make marrying book boards with clover cloth a quick process. The side guide allows for a variety of sizes of cover cloth and can be adjusted for very small to very large cover dimensions. The head stop allows for up to 1.25 inches of fold over and can easily be adjusted to accommodate smaller format book cases.  The spine dimension is quickly adjusted with a simple twist of your hand to allow precise centering of spine boards. This dimension can also be locked for rapid placement of front and back boards while maintaining the fixed spine width.  A quick-throw handle gently lifts and holds the center guides slightly off the base board to permit easy placement and removal of the cover cloth.  

The pencil resting on the base is there to show the size of the case gauge itself.


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