Antoine de Saint-Exupery broadside


The famous French pilot and writer had a great deal to say about life and his insights have been quoted thousands of times and are captured on various internet web sites.  I don’t remember where I came across the man and his work, but when I did I realized I had discovered a rich resource–a man who gets one to thinking about fundamental issues of our existence.  One of the finest of his quotes captures one of my core beliefs: that when people are left to themselves, left free to follow their dreams, they will find ways to reach their goals.  Get rid of the heavy hand of bureaucrats and other ne’re-do-wells and people will flourish in most remarkably splendid ways.

I concluded this quote from  Saint-Exupery should be turned into a broadside and so with the design help of my son Nick, the broadside became a reality.  It is letter press printed on a luxuriously thick, textured paper and makes a beautiful wall hanging.

If you are interested in learning more about this broadside, check out Thirty-five words that explain so much about life .




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