A Perversion of Science




This pamphlet by Paul Rosenberg offers his defense of science in a world rooted in pseudo-science. As he wrote: “Science is a process of getting rid of bad ideas, of chopping them up. . . . Science is a careful examination of nature.” 

Mr. Rosenberg’s observations bring into sharp contrast genuine science and the charade of “science” we endured during the  Covid-era tragedy,  Ignaz Semmelweis challenged the prevailing scientific “truths” of his era and for his courage and apostasy he was dumped in an insane asylum where he was beaten to death. And yet, it was this “science heretic” who saved the lives of millions of women from dying needlessly in child birth.  That’s something the CDC, the FDA  and their gangs of over-stuffed bureaucrats can’t say.     

Science isn’t a gospel to be preached and believed, as Ignaz Semmelweis proved.       

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