A Matter of No Curiosity by Albert Jay Nock


Albert Jay Nock: An intellectual street fighter

Albert Jay Nock is a no-holds-barred intellectual street fighter who neither asks quarter nor gives any in his defense of the individual’s right to live life according to his own dictates.  Modern man has become so accustomed to the ever-present invasion of the State into nearly every aspect of life that people no longer even question why the state should be involved, taking that involvement as simply a natural outgrowth of social life. In short, the State is a matter of no curiosity.  Through the essays, lectures and magazine articles included in this book, Albert Jay Nock reminds us the State  is an interloper, an invader of the natural social order, a pariah on the body politic.

Albert Jay Nock’s wide-ranging grasp of history, politics and philosophy in full bloom

Each of the pieces included in this book reflect Mr. Nock’s wide-ranging grasp of  history, politics and philosophy. The four lectures which begin this collection were given in 1940 after Frank Chodorov persuaded Mr. Nock to present them to the Henry George School of Social Science in New York City.   Mr. Nock’s The Criminality of the State, which follows, first appeared in The American Mercury in 1939.  Next  he considers the sorry state that American “liberalism” had fallen into with its disregard for original principles.  In conclusion, four pieces from The Freeman have been selected to round out nicely Mr. Nock’s assessment of the State.


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A Matter of No Curiosity  by Albert Jay Nock is a Limited-edition, letterpress printed and hand bound book published in Cornucopia, Wisconsin.  Hand marbled end sheets.The book includes an introduction by Michael Coughlin and an afterward by Charles H. Hamilton.


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