A Damoclean Drama


For 30 years Gerald Williams lived securely in his Manhattan apartment building, but for the past 10 of those years the building had been converted from rentals to condominiums and the pressure on old timers to sell out and move had grown.  Now it was Gerald’s turn to feel the stings of being a  removal target.  His experience is a study in the human condition–a tale of rumors, side-ways glances, discourteous employees.  He tells it all with his inimitable humor and charm.

This pamphlet was published in 2011 when I had my shop in the village of Cornucopia, Wisconsin.  It was hot-metal typeset and letterpress printed.  Gerald was generous enough to give me permission to publish his story, which became the second of three works that carry the mark of my press.  The others are  Blowing Up Hitler: A Life of Johann Georg Elser, Would Be Assassin and The Astounding Power of Penmanship.

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