A Catechism of Individualism


This book is a reprint of an article by Henry Wilson published in 1902 by the Liberty Review Publishing Company in London.  It is a limited-edition, hand bound, hard cover book.

Wilson wrote this in reply to Belfort Bax’s Catechism of Socialism.  Herein, Wilson poses a long series of questions about both socialism and individualism and then proceeds to offer his responses.

Here is a selection of a question with a follow-up question and Wilson’s answers in italic:

Can you give a definition of Socialism”

This is the definition given by Mr. Belfort Bax in his “Catechism of Socialism”: “The system of society the material basis of which is social production for social use.”

Have you any objection to make to this definition?

The coat I wear and the beefsteak I eat are used by me individually, not socially.

Or take this exchange:

How does Mr. Bax explain profit?

In the queerest way.  He says profit cannot be made on the market, for as the sum of satisfactions or profits on each side must, in the long run, balance, there can be no profit.  Now, as profit is what every producer for exchange lives on, everyone must be dead.

This is a delightful yet absorbing discussion of two opposing world views.


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