33 Dunstan Houses


33 Dunstan Houses

Text and sketches by Fermin Rocker
During a dinner meeting in Valerio Isca’s New York City apartment, I asked Fermin Rocker for permission to print his memoir.  Eventually he agreed.  It took years to typeset and letterpress print and then hand bind 33 Dunstan Houses, but it is worth every year of the wait.  This is the second of three books in my Rudolf Rocker-related collection of books I have published, the first being Rudolf Rocker’s masterpiece, Nationalism and Culture. and the other being The Six.

In 33 Dunstan Houses  Fermin Rocker recalls life with his parents, Rudolf Rocker and Milly Rocker, during World War I in England.  Fermin chronicles the people who slipped into and out of their busy lives in London’s East End and the eventual arrest and imprisonment of his father  for being a native German, a high crime for which he spent months in a British concentration camp.  33 Dunstan Houses is the authorized U.S. edition of Fermin Rocker’s book and comes with 23 hand drawn illustrations.

 Please check out Nationalism and Culture and The Six.







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