Pretend words


Distorting the English language has become a favorite pastime of many supposed “journalists.” In imagining themselves to be the guardians of civility and protectors of victim groups, these word-warriors wage their social uplift crusades. Words become as fluid as the causes journalists promote and genuine communication devolves into a theater of the absurd. Malcolm Clark’s commentary in Spiked titled “The nihilism of nonbinary”  illustrates well the crucifix modern journalists hang on. I congratulate Mr. Clark for identifying individuals as “he” or “she” instead of pandering to current journalism fashion with words such as “they” or  “them” or any of the  bewildering blizzard of pretend “gender-fluid” words that have surfaced in the past decade.

However, Mr. Clark stumbled in his effort to call  out journalistic malpractice when he refered to Micah Rajunov’s partner/spouse/significant other as “her wife.” Just as “he” and “she” have meaning only when referring to actual males or females, so too do words such as “husband” and “wife” rely on the same actual sex/gender distinction.  Words either communicate or they morph into puzzles to be interpreted as anyone wishes. “Wife” means something or it mean anything, and, in effect, nothing. And how does one distinguish who is a “wife” when two women are in a relationship? How does one determine who is a “husband” in a two-male relationship? Some magical mystery surrounds today’s  Wizard of Oz journalism?

Likewise, words such as brother, sister, mother and father are meant to distinguish the gender and biological relationship of family members. Those distinctions don’t  shape shift on verbal command, regardless of what the woke disciples pretend. 

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