My Dogs: Professors of Life–pamphlet discusses life lessons our dogs can teach us

My Dogs Professors of Life cover photo

A couple days back I began telling a little about how the booklet Is Today A Good Day To Die. came to be written and published.  I will get back to that little book in a few days.  As I was thinking about that publication, another that I published several years back came to mind, My Dogs: Professors Of Life.  It’s another story about living and dying and the things we can learn along the way, this time from our pets.  It focuses on a mongrel dog who became a treasured member of our family when our youngest son Nick announced that, more than anything else for his birthday, he wanted a dog. Kathy took Nick to the dog pound to see who might be available, but there was only one puppy locked there in a cage.  “We can come back another time when there are more dogs to choose between,” Kathy told Nick.  Nope, Nick replied–this lonesome little dog would be his. “Frisky” was a loving and rambunctious part of our family who lighted up our days for years until late in life she endured a series of strokes which left her largely unable to walk and losing weight quickly.

While she graced our family, I watched her zest for life and was reminded that if we enjoyed life as much as she did, we would, indeed, be wise people.  This is her story and a reminder to trust our pets to teach us valuable life lessons.  You might find it interesting.

Until later . . .

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