Murderama and mutilation festival

The Minnesota Legislature finished its session with a load of new laws governed by a code of ethics that is hardly distinguishable from human sacrifice rituals that dotted the planet for centuries. And the thugs are ecstatic about their behavior.Abortion in Minnesota is permitted at any point in the process from conception to and during post-birth situations. While the mob was engaged in its war on the unborn, it didn’t overlook the opportunity to encourage child sexual mutilation and sterilization. And it was all done with a hurrah and triumphant smile as the gang gathered around the over-fed Governor to watch him sign the travesties into “law.” Now that the unborn can be murdered without restraint, young kids, without their parents’ permission, can have their young breasts lopped off and their bodies chemically castrated. All in the name of “gender affirming care.”

Just, exactly, how does all this difffer from female genital mutilation or the way the Soviets and Nazis treated the most vulnerable in their societies? Young virgins used to be tossed off pyramids to placate the gods, and today we describe such practices as repugnant, barbaric and pagan. and yet, the young among us are killed and mutilated to satisify the abortion and gender gods that have been placed on political altars. Opponents are condemned as disrespectful of women’s rights and insensitive to gender pronouns. We have created a legacy that makes Aztec worship rituals tame by comparison. And yet the high priests of the new religions parade as caring ones while they caricature their enemies as heartless.

There’s a powerful irony behind the aborton/gender crowd’s behavior.  Minnesota (and most of the rest of the United States) is finally shedding one of the most disgraceful periods in its history–the years it locked people away to”protect” us from the Covid virus. Among those most injured by the “keep us safe” campaign were Minnesota’s children. They were forced to wear masks, isolated from interacting with other kids and injected with experimental “vaccines.”  It was done in the name of caring and protecting, even though children were basically immune from the virus.

And now the legislature and governor have demonstrated that the young are again not immune from political viruses created in the Minnesota legislature’s lab of social engineering. Brutalized by Covid practitioners and Big Pharma and traumatized in the name of “science,” children are again in the crosshairs of ghouls armed with scalpels and forever drugs. They smile and clap and pat themselves on the back for their love and devotion to “reproductive rights” and “gender affirming care.” 

We have lost any meaning in our language!

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