Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

Morgan Freeman put Black History Month into perspective when he was interviewed by Mike Wallace on a 60 Minutes program.  Wallace was flustered with Freeman’s opinion, but the renowned actor never backed away from stating and restating his disgust with the whole concept of “Black History Month.”  Wallace’s attempts to stifle Freeman’s common sense ideas repeatedly backfired.

With Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Al Sharpton and the legion of in-your-face  race hustlers luxuriating in America’s land of racial oppression, is it any wonder why there is racial conflict in America?  These shills for hatred encourage it, foment it and profit from it—and the rest of us are the big losers. Morgan Freeman wants no part of the scam, and neither do I. 


  You can find a clip from that interview at:

Why don’t we celebrate American History Month? Perhaps an entire month is asking too much. Could we at least have one day set aside to honor the many marvelous people and things that have come from this land?


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